IBEX LuxuryLass Marinette

Interdimensional Body EXpropriation LLC and SevenStars Incorporated are proud to present you the result of their latest and exclusive collaboration!

The LuxuryLass Drone, also called LuxuryLady, combnes IBEX’s expertise in the transformation of human beings with SevenStars’s expertise in andvanced control and pleasure routines. The result is a Drone to be used or rented as a luxury escort, perfectly fit for high-class parties and the “fun” following them. Whether you need to win over some influntial people, or simply want some company for yourself, the LuxuryLady has you covered. This social and sexual model bring upon the original material’s personality to never allow a dull conversation, and has access to both IBEX’s and SevenStars’s databases of sexual skills.

SevenStars’s Extra Touch comes in the form of a compact and convenient remote control, which means you retain control of your drone no matter how far away she is from you. Did you leave her to socialize with guests on her highest autonomy setting, but now you need her to seduce the ambassador? Well, with one push of a button, she will immediately get to the task, without needing you to intruct her yourself. Want to play with her afterwards? There’s a button for that! Just make sure she’s done seducing that ambassador you push it.