Creating Drone 6472

Ember really loves experimenting with mind control. Although, when her Mistress sent her to be turned into a drone by HexCorp, the experiment might become a bit more long term than Ember bargained for…

This was part of HexCorp’s Dronification Chambers series, all drawn by Plasma-Dragon.

Flavor text written by HexLatex, on the HexCorp website:

Subject has been an interesting case study for us. Subject is head of research at one of our competitors, yet a cooperative agreement has been struck.

Subject is here to experience the wonders of HexCorp brainwashing and dronification technology. As such, subject has been remarkably compliant with the process.

Subject offered to inform us of aspects regarding her own technology but we declined. After all, we’ll be just be draining it from her mind once the dronification process is complete.

Regrettably, subject is merely here on loan and we will have to return her at some point. We look forward to making as much usage out of her as possible in the coming days, however.