Ember’s Transformation Combo

Mixing mind-altering transformation products… Is it scientific? Not really. Is it fun? Oh boy yes!

Of course, after she received a few samples of transformation serums from her fellow mind-control researcher, Dr. Lovelace, Ember just had to study and test them out. After having a few victims… erm, interns test the serums individually, she tested on herself a mix of the most improbable transformations.

And that’s how she became a Stepford nekomimi cheerleader, happily cheering for her darling and kindly asking for ear scritches. It’s a weird combination, especially seeing such an energetic and enthusiastic Stepford wife since they are usually very calm and subservient.

Maybe it didn’t help much in terms of adapting new forms of control to future mind-control toys, but it did give us some ideas for new programs for your submissives to enjoy! Find the new Hyper Stepford Personality Preset, as well as a few others, in the next software upgrade for your control devices!