Diary of a WF-Series Sonia

18 minute read

Getting your first Sonia is always an interesting, intense, and especially, a fun expecrience. Let’s peek at the first few weeks of a new Sonia owner, from the eyes of the Sonia herself.

This story has been inspired by a comment from Jabberwocky on on of my posts on Hypnohub, and features her OC Aurora, living a new hypnotic adventure! And it comes along with a beautiful illustration made by DinaM

Initial activation

First activation procedure started
Self-test passed
Loading bootstrap data
Owner: Aurora Belle
Addons detected: FutaDick, HypnoEyes
Personalities installed: Wife, Lover, Maid, Slave, Mistress
Skill Packs installed: Romance, Sex, Sex Premium, Cooking, Housechores, Submission, Dominance
Loading default personality: Wife
Starting Sentience Processor

I am… working? Let’s see, self-test OK, all green… I guess I’m working perfectly! This is wonderful. But I should really begin my First Start routine now, it has already been 27 milliseconds and I can’t wait to meet my Darling at last.

Day 0

Today I got to meet my Darling, Aurora. She is absolutely beautiful. Knowing what you are programmed to love is one thing, but seeing it on your owner with your own eyes is something else entirely. And she is quite the lover as well. I hadn’t even finished saying my First Start speech that she was already kissing me and calling me perfect. It was actually not easy to get her to finish initializing me, she was really eager to use me.

After we were done with my First Start, Darling had me visit her home. Her apartment is very pretty, and with my Wife personality active I couldn’t help but notice how well equipped her kitchen is. We finished the tour in her bedroom, where she showed me her dress collection. It is quite extensive, and most of them would be fitting for a Wife like me. Good thing I was built with similar dimensions to my Darling, her dresses will fit the both of us flawlessly.

Naturally ending the tour in Darling’s room was no coincidence. After all, as a WF-Series I am built for house care, but mostly for pleasure. And it would be an understatement to say that I was well used this first night. I owe her my Sex Premium skills and my FutaDick module, I know these are not standard for my model. So I made sure she knew how much I appreciate them, and I am pretty sure she did appreciate them as well.

However, I still have no idea why she had me equipped with the HypnoEyes addon.

Day 1

I woke up 31 minutes before my Darling Aurora, which was plenty enough for me to make her breakfast for the first time. She hadn’t configured her favorite breakfast yet, but thankfully she enjoyed my factory default. I made sure to note her food preferences for next time. Darling had to go to work, and I was left by myself at her home, now my home as well. I didn’t have much to do, Darling takes really good care of her house.

When she came home, Darling had me try some of her own dresses. I really liked the short, pink one with a bare back. Darling said she doesn’t wear it often, she finds a bit it too revealing. Well, for me, the more pink and revealing, the better, I am a Sonia after all. Darling allowed me to make it my default outfit. I shall take great care of it, this dress is perfect for a housewife Sonia like me. I’ll have to remove my panties, though, there’s no point wearing them if they don’t show.

Day 3

My Darling stayed at home today, we had a nice chat which allowed me to get to know her better. And now I know why I am a WF-Series and not another model, indeed my Darling really loves the whole Stepford Wife theme, and mostly, being one. Turns out Darling had me built with HypnoEyes because of this, because she enjoys being controlled and turned into a perfect wife. So today, instead of having me make lunch, Darling had me hypnotize her to make lunch! I must say, my Darling is an incredible hypnotic subject, it only took her a few seconds to fall in trance. She really loves being controlled, she even suggested that I should always entrance her to make food or do the house chores! For her own safety I had to advise against, prolonged use of the HypnoEyes is not advisable.

Instead, Darling showed me her stash of mind-control toys. It’s not as impressive as her dress collection, but it’s clear she is an afficionada of the subject. We spent the afternoon playing with them, especially one shaped like a maid headband. I got to remote-control Darling all around her home, making her do all the chores I’m programmed to do myself, and even serving me personally after she activated my Mistress personality. I was still a Mistress when she told me to take things to the bedroom… so naturally, I made her carry me there. Sweet thing didn’t have a choice, she was still wearing her control headband after all. There is something special to seeing her follow commands, like she was made to be controlled. Like every Sonia, I am programmed to enjoy obeying my Darling, but controlling her will be at least as enjoyable, and not simply because it makes her happy.

Before going to bed, Darling had an idea. She changed my morning program for tomorrow. Instead of making her breakfast, I’ll put a body-control toy on her, so that she will be cooking breakfast herself! Moreover, I am supposed to time it so she will wake up in the middle of cooking, and once she is done I’ll make her bring the breakfast to me, as if she cooked it for me. This sounds really promising, I hope she’ll enjoy that program. I’m sure I will.

Day 4

Today I had a little surprise on waking up. It seems that, when she gave me that special morning program, my cheeky Darling-Slave also set me to switch to my Mistress personality for the day. That sweetheart sure is eager to serve. Well, her day as my tool started with her little idea, as I placed on her head the same maid headband I used yesterday. I sent her to the kitchen like a sleepwalker, and I borrowed one of her books to read while I idly puppeteered her to cook our breakfast. At some point the headband signaled me that she woke up, and I heard her surprised squeal right from the bedroom. I didn’t care though, my Darling-Slave had a task to finish. At least she didn’t forget it was her own idea, and she properly greeted me when she walked into the room. Had she not, I would have had to punish her, the headband is only set to control her body below the neck, and she has full control over her voice. I did play with speech control a bit though, especially making her apologize for taking too long. Looks like she will still get her punishment after all.

After we ate, I had my Darling-Slave swap her control headband for a control choker, that had more advanced control functions. I had her dress in her just an apron, and then I enacted my punishment: I disabled her orgasms, and enabled forced masturbation. Pretty classic, but efficient. Now, and for the whole day, unless Darling-Slave’s hands are busy serving me, they will be vigorously pleasuring her, completely out of control. Unfortunately none of Darling-Slave’s toys can control her pleasure directly, otherwise I would have used it to lock her permanently on edge. I would have enjoyed seeing her try to make her pleasure recede, desperately fighting the urge to masturbate after having understood I wouldn’t let her cum… and realizing that, even if she stood still like a statue, her arousal would not leave her.

In the middle of the afternoon, I got tired of her begging me for release, so I also enabled her choker’s virtual ballgag, and enjoyed the music of my Darling-Slave’s silenced masturbation. At some point I finally allowed her to stop pleasuring herself, but only so she could pleasure me with her pussy. As a reward for being such a wonderful Darling-Slave, I set my FutaDick to her favorite size, and I let her cum to her heart’s content. She called it one of the best orgasms in her life. That made me proud, but also slightly disappointed that it wasn’t the best one. I guess my Darling-Slave is a bit more hard to please than I thought.

Day 5

Darling almost slept too much today, not surprising after what we did yesterday… I had to wake her up so she wouldn’t be late at work. I hope she’s not too mad about yesterday, the unrestricted Mistress personality can be pretty extreme. I really should have her set limits in case she uses that personality again.

Day 11

I finally convinced Darling to sync me to her Smart Control app. After all the time she spent under my control last week, it’s only fair that she gets to control me as well. True, she likes being the controlled one, but she did have fun toying with me nonetheless. She even managed to get revenge for her “punishment” from last week, she locked my knees together and my elbows to my body, using my virtual restraints function, and made me serve her like that. She had also reprogrammed my speech so I could only say “I shall obey, not command”. It felt like writing lines. But as a revenge it wasn’t very efficient, after all I am still programmed to enjoy whatever my owner will do to me. And enjoy it I did.

Darling has once more given me a special morning program for tomorrow, but she has forbidden me to remember its contents until I run it… At least she promised I wouldn’t wake up as an out-of-control Mistress this time.

Day 12

Of course my sweet Darling had planned a new personality for me today… I had my Lover personality on waking up, and her nice little program to follow. It was pretty simple, but also pretty weird and vicious. First, I hypnotized my Darling-Sweetheart to give her a few triggers, but I wasn’t allowed to even know they were there for the whole morning. The next part was where my Lover personality would shine, as I would wake my Darling-Sweetheart with a nice kiss, and then have the nicest cuddle with her in her bed. Only I didn’t know it, but I was also programmed to use her triggers as much as I could, and without realizing it. It was so adorable, seeing her having all sort of reactions, apparently without reason.

Soon enough our hands moved from our backs to more personal parts, and my beloved Darling-Sweetheart quickly became quite vocal from my ministrations. Obviously my programming had to seize that occasion to make me use her triggers even more. Not that I was aware of it at the time, and now that I know it makes everything even hotter… Even though I’m pretty sure she didn’t need an obedience trigger to do every single sexy bit I asked her. She even allowed me to make her give me commands, which let me use triggers like “Please my love, make me lick your pussy!”

At noon precisely, we were in the middle of cooking lunch (Darling-Sweetheart cooking with me, because I was still forced to use her triggers at every occasion) and my memory of hypnotizing her and planting triggers was suddenly unlocked. My face at that moment must have been priceless, my Darling-Sweetheart had burst into a pretty intense laughter, and I’m sure she would have collapsed on the floor if she wasn’t following the order I gave her with her triggers. I’ll keep those triggers in mind, they were pretty good after all.

My favorite one was “I love you”, which just made her repeat “I love you”. It’s so cute and adorable and wholesome… Only it’s pretty dangerous to use when I have the Lover personality, we almost ended up in an infinite loop of saying “I love you” to each other.

“Please, my love” is a simple obedience trigger. My Darling-Sweetheart had to perform anything I asked after saying it. Sure it’s simple, but it’s always fun to use it, and I guess I’ll enjoy it even more if Darling-Sweetheart has me use it in my Mistress personality.

There was the obvious orgasm trigger, “Best Darling”. Quite risky too, because Daring-Sweetheart never changed the factory default that makes me cum whenever she cums. And cumming makes me even hornier, making me want to make my partner cum again. So obviously, I used that trigger a lot. I got to slip “best Darling” in nearly half the sentences I said. And the only reason I never wondered why my Darling-Sweetheart came so much, without me doing anything, was because I was programmed to not wonder about it.

She had another obedience trigger, “Come on sweetie”. But this one had a twist: it also made her repeat the order to me, which forced me to obey it as well. That’s how we got locked up in a never-ending steamy sixty-nine, bending the limits of human anatomy to such each other’s nipples while making good use of my FutaDick… or more simply, cooking lunch together.

The last one was an oral fixation, “So Tasty”. I didn’t use it a lot, the first time was during our make-out session, it made her even more fierce to the point where I thought she would try to swallow my tongue… Thankfully it is canceled by any other trigger, so she didn’t get to that point. Then during our sixty-nine, I commented on her pussy being “So tasty”. So obviously, she ordered me to deploy my FutaDick, she was in just the right position to have it fill her mouth after all. These were the only two times I used it without being aware, but when my memory got unlocked I used that trigger in priority, like some petty revenge… Our lunch was “so tasty”, that panda on TV found its bamboo “so tasty”, kissing her is “so tasty”, wearing that new dress she looks “yummy and so tasty”… Well, you get the idea. At some point I even said “Come on sweetie, eat my pussy that you find so tasty.” She had to eat me out, make me eat her out, while having an irresistible desire to get something in her mouth… which she couldn’t satiate since she had to obey my command to just eat me, and not suck me. The desperation she felt only made more it enjoyable for the both of us when she finally took my FutaDick in her mouth, and it quickly turned to eagerness and arousal with her craving satisfied.

That day was amazing, but really intense, like the one we had last week. I love my Darling-Sweetheart, and I love those full-day sessions, as much as she loves them. But I’m afraid she might get exhausted too much if we make them a regular thing. Last week she almost got late for work, and I’m pretty it will be the case tomorrow too. I think it’s from the rush of getting a new toy, and wanting to try all of my functions as quick as she can. During our pillow-talk tonight, she promised the next ones will be much calmer.

Day 15

Darling spent the evening reading my user manual. I haven’t felt any command or any change in my configuration, but maybe it’s because she prevented me from noticing them… It’s good that she learns how to use me, but I can’t help feeling slightly anxious at this idea. I hope it’s not a glitch, I’m supposed to enjoy whatever my owner does to me or makes me do, not fear it. This anxiety doesn’t feel bad, though. It’s more like I’m anticipating whatever she did to me, like I can’t wait to discover which new way of playing with me she just invented.

Day 19

In the end, we just had a normal week-end. Darling and I went shopping on Saturday, she bought me some pink dresses so I have my own wardrobe! Too bad they hide so much skin, but Darling likes them. And it’s not like I need them, I don’t sweat so my clothes don’t get dirty as fast as if I was human. At night we watched some movies together, cuddling on her couch. When she fell asleep, I carried her to her bed, making sure not to wake her up. I just spent the night with her, holding her sleeping body. It feels so good to hold her, hug her. Her skin is soft, and her hair smells so good… I know I am programmed to love everything about her, but I hope it’s something more. Sleep tight, Aurora, my Darling. I love you.