Marinette’s Sonia Lesson

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Dear Customers

Unsure on how to use your Sonia? Worry not! Thanks to her special “Owner Training Program”, the Sonia Teacher Series will be more than happy to help in all your learning needs! Pair her with the Sonia Schoolgirl Series for the most instructive and entertaining learning experience!

As every employee of SevenStars Incorporated, our lovely product designer Marinette Agreste has taken the course, and despite some early mistakes, her Teacher Sonia reports that she passed with flying colours. It seems demonstrating the use of the HypnoEyes addon early-on is highly beneficial to the training.

As a celebration for the success of this new initiative, we will be offering the exclusive “Sonia Classroom Pack”: a Teacher Sonia along with her 2 Student Sonias! Recreate the nostalgic times of high school or college with this combo of high synergy. Be their Student, be their Principal, be their Teacher - you are their Owner!

Whether you want to Pet the Teacher, or become the Teacher’s Pet, the Sonia Teacher Series is made for you!

Warmly yours
Eilisha Shiraini
CEO of SevenStars Incorporated