Sonia Quality Testing

Every consumer good needs to be tested before being sold, and the mass-produced sexbots made by SevenStars Inc. are no exception. Here is a scene you could see during a guided visit of their main production factory.

Here is the Testing area. Honestly, it’s the funniest station on the production line. This is where the newly made Sonias get put through a lot of trouble to make sure they work according to specifications. I personally remember my own time being tested, but Sonias built for retail will have their memories of this event erased beofre packaging. Don’t worry, though: for those of you who own a Sonia, I can promise she enjoyedit a lot! I know I did…

Now back on topic. As you can see, there are always at least 2 Sonias during a test. One of them is the one being tested, of course, and the second one we call her a “Golden Unit”. They’re called this way because she performs extremely close to specifications, either because she’s been made with extra care or just by luck. This is why they are used during testing, it allows comparing how the newbuilt Sonia performs compared to the Golden Unit.

The Golden Unit is programmed with the list of tests. This list works exactly like issuing a command to a normal Sonia. She’ll be forced to follow them, but as long as she remains within the contraints set by test engineers she has some leeway as to how she performs. For instance, tests #370 to #377 that these Sonias are going through aim to test our “Pain Love” setting which, as you already know, controls how positively we respond to normally painful experiences.

In order to perform the tests, the Golden Unit is set as the new Sonia’s owner. That’s right dear visitors, you weren’t your Sonia’s first! This is just temporary obviously, and the proper owner gets set afterwards. But this is not enough, since some tests require very specific commands or monitoring. That’s what these big cables are for, they give the Golden Unit full debug access to the tested unit. The main reason is that the Golden Unit simulated a normal room and feeds sensory input to the tested unit. In other words, the new Sonia will only see what the Golden Unit wants her to see.

Both Sonias are being held by these robotic arms. They are a bit more advanced than the one you’ve seen me dangle from during the whole visit, these specific arms allow full 360 movement of both units. At first, the tests were run on solid ground, but as the tests got more complicated we found that it was easier to perform them without physical contraints. The arms are controlled by the Golden Unit, this way she position both herself and her charge as she wants in her simulated room.

This concludes our stop at the Testing station, the next one is Final Programming and Packaging. Before we move there, does anyone have a question?

To be honest, the whole idea of “Sonia the Sexbot” started as something pretty silly at first, but then my ideas evolved into making her an actual product of SevenStars (refer to my other commissions =P ). They’re in both categories as “mind-controlled sextoys” since they’ll do anything their owner asks, and are shipped with plenty of ways to command them, and as “mind-control sextoys” due to some of the addons they can be equipped with (Hypno eyes, subliminal voice, electrosimulating skin…)