Sonia under maintenance

Even the most robust sexbots need a tune up from time to time, and Sonias are no exception to that rule. Most of the time they can just download and install software upgrades on-the-fly. However for deeper operations such as performing full memory backup, adding or removing paid Peronalities or Skill Packs, or hardware maintenance, they will need to go to a Sonia Servicing Spot and get handled by the special T-Series Sonias - the Tech-Support Sonia.

This specific Sonia came here to install some new Personalities her owner purchased for her, but also got some additional operations that are always done when a Sonia goes to a Servicing Spot: full memory backup, fluid generator replenishment, and software upgradres. These tasks are fully automated, so her Technician decided to leave her unattended while taking care of the other bots who came here and need attention.

This is the result of IDPet’s monthly YCH event for September, more info on their SubscribeStar.