Taking a walk

How in the world did Marinette manage to end up like this? Naked, outside in public, and unable to turn around… Stay tuned to find out!

Jiangshi Marinette

Poor Marinette… Always ends-up hypnotized when she puts on a disguise. Well, maybe she’d fare better if she stopped dressing up as a mind-controlled zombie i...

Fun in the library

Ember and Sonia are continuing their hypntoic rampage throughout campus. They make a stop at the library, and have some fun with Sam and Jupiter. The latter ...

Sam’s nudist class

Looks like we found who unleashed a rampaging hypnotic Sonia on campus… Embers seems to have a blast, and even borught some of her favorite anime girls to sh...

Sonia’s Masturbation class

What happens when you let a sex-crazed and rather dominant sexbot in a college full of hypnotically submissive girls? Well, pretty much this.

Daisy’s workout

Looks like Daisy has been talked into changing her morning routine… Or rather, she’s been hypnotized into upgrading it. But she’s left her video call on?

Robots Interfacing

After taking Marinette out for a walk (or rather, being taken by her), Ember needed a nice break to recharge her batteries. She did not expect her Mistress t...

Sonia under maintenance

Even the most robust sexbots need a tune up from time to time, and Sonia is no exception to that rule.

Maidbot Marinette

How to best use your Marinette slave? Well, by turning her into a remote-contrlled maid robot of course!

Miraculous Surrounded

Paris’s favourite superheroes need to relieve the stress from time to time… Thankfully they can always count on one another.

Dominatrix Eilisha

Eilisha always likes playing with her toys, and it’s a good thing her toys like being played with!

Sonia Pet Series

Sonia can be anything for you, including the cutest companion you could dream of!

Pet Caught!

Finally the good girl Ember has caught the bad kitty! Ember has brought kitty Marinette back to her Mistress, so that wild cat can get some taming and become...

Pet Play Session

Ember took Marinette to a very special place where a hypnotist make private hypnosis shows.

Robot Marinette

The result of one of IDPet’s YCH events, with Marinette being reprogrammed into an obedient robot