Pet Play Session

Ember took Marinette to a very special place where a hypnotist make private hypnosis shows. Marinette was quite excited, she always wanted to test how this feels so she decided to check that place. Once inside, she sat on a chair and slowly fell under the power of the hypnotist’s words. She felt so good, relaxed, obedient. Elisha the hypnotist told her to undress and put on a latex suit, once that was done her suggestions would trigger and she would forget everything except a thing… She’s nothing but a little kitten. As she did so, the hypnotist said to Ember, “Well done, puppy, now you can get back to what you really are”. Once she heard that, the red-haired woman put on a latex suit as well. Minutes later, they had both fully agreed to be little pets.

They were such good hypnotic subjects… But while she was turned into a lovely kitty, Marinette still felt that something wasn’t right, something inside her tried to say her that she’s not really a cat. So she decided to go stray in order to clear her mind and try to remember something! Thankfully, Ember was there to bring her back to her Mistress as a good girl. Elisha had to put her extra suggestions from now.

Even if she loves hypnosis, under kitty trance she doesn’t even have idea about those kind of concepts, kitties doesn’t care about it after all.

This pic comes from another YCH by IDPet, and the flavor text (both in the pic and the description) have entirely been written by him. Also, you can find a “more naked” version on his SubscribeStar.