Graybot Research

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Dear Customers,

At SevenStars Incorporated, we always do our best to satisfy all your needs and fantasies. This is why we have partnered with Jade, an eminent member of the Graybot Collective, to develop our own line of Graybot Transformation Collars.

Due to being a self-aware Graybot, Jade has been able to offer some very valuable insight, which will allow our products to reproduce the behavior of Graybots with an accuracy never seen in a recreational device. Whether you want to try something new with your love slave, turn yourself into a graybot and “convert” your fellow slaves for your owner’s pleasure, or experience the true life of a Graybot before fully committing to it, our Graybot Collars are bound to give you the most intense experience ever. Enjoy the constant control, whether you are giving or receiving!

Jade offered us full access to her own Graybot Collar, which was an invaluable help. Both to give us a better understanding of the inner workings of the Graybots’ hardware, and to ensure the safety of our staff by temporarily disabling her conversion routines. That latter was surprisingly difficult, the Graybot collars seem designed to be easy to reproduce and control, but nearly impossible to modify or remove. Giving her new programs to follow was particularly easy though, so we had some fun testing potential programs that you will be able to apply to your own Graybot.

Our most advanced prototypes are currently in the final testing stages, and soon enough you will be able to play with your own Graybots at home! In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy this sneak peek of our development stages, where the prototype Ember was testing still had a few minor bugs. Indeed, the collar’s gray suit clashed with Ember’s own ingraining of the color red (a side effect of all the mind control I gave her) and she became a Redbot instead of a Graybot… Solving this bug even led to the addition of a new feature, the ability to customize your bot’s suit, including the color!

Preorders will be open soon, and I hope you will have as much fun playing with this new item as we had creating it for you!

Warmly yours,
Eilisha Shiraini,
CEO of SevenStars Incorporated

P.S. We would like to remind our esteemed customers that our Graybot Collars are for recreational purpose only and as such they are non permanent and controlled by their registered owner, and not by the Graybot Collective Hive Mind. Customers who instead would like to join the Graybot Collective are advised to contact their local Graybot representative. SevenStars Incorporated and the Graybot Collective are not associated further than this technological exchange. SevenStars Incorporated is not responsible for people wishing to willingly join the Graybot Collective after using our products.