Multipurpose Human Furniture Slave

(read this in your favorite infomercial voice =P )

You’ll often find that you have never enough furniture to do what you want. Your coffee table lacks space, your body-pillow has been stolen by your girlfriend… Maybe you’re out of space to store your slaves? Or your favorite paperweight is missing in action? If only you had something to fix that. Something that would replace whichever piece of furniture you need, whenever you need.

Thankfully, it exists! Discover the Multipurpose Furniture Slave. Place the Multipurpose Furniture Headset on your favorite slave, and by using the very user-friendly app you will be able to instantly summon your slave anywhere in your house, and make them assume the shape of any furniture at all. The Headset takes full control of their body and uses neural signal amplification to ensure your slave won’t move at all while in use, turning them into the perfect replacement for anything you might need.

And you don’t need to worry about your slave, or rather, your furniture getting worried either! Through the app’s settings you can enable various levels of mental suppression, ranging from full awareness to full mind pause, including pleasant blankness and overwhelming pleasure. Whether you want your slave to feel like they were stuck for several centuries or just a few seconds is entirely up to you!

The pic features Gemna, OC of Pokemongirl, who was kind enough to model for this new product!