Miracle Dolls Bunnyx

The Lunar New Year celebrations may be over, but not this special discount on a pair of Bunnyx Miracle Dolls! Celebrate Year of the Rabbit in style with not ...

Good Girls Sleep

Marinette doesn’t have sleep issues. And when she does? All she needs is to be reminded that she is a good girl, and good girls have good sleep.

A Miraculous Halloween

Something’s up this Halloween… Looks like trick-or-treaters became what they were disguised as! Subby Witch Marinette has bewitched Lilopatra into being her ...

Russian Blue’s special slave training

In a world with mind control well-developed, commonly used, and readily available, it becomes the obvious solution when it comes to handling criminals. As pa...

Breaking in the new girl

At SevenStars Incorporated, we strive to ensure all our employees feel right at home from day one. Friendliness and a good atmosphere are an obvious must, ju...

Dancing Bellgirl

Just another cute Bellgirl, dancing and singing, who might she be entrancing?

Redheads’ Relaxing Sleepover

Two crimefighting redheads decided to take a break, and do what they secretly love: being under the control of another, freed from the stress of having to ap...

A Gift of Love

Rosalina has a special gift for her special girl. A simple yet unique gift: herself. To give her whole self, her body, her soul, to her loved one, is the ult...

Dolled Up & Boxed Up

Marinette and Adrien are all wrapped up and ready for Christmas! They sure will make someone very happy, but they may end up a bit too busy sot save Paris fr...

Balcony Romance

When Daisy isn’t using Rosalina as her toy, she’s just the sweetest lover. And a lover worth having, as Rosa can confirm… Now, after this lovely shout-out to...

Mutual Hypnomasturbation

After being used as Daisy’s living dildo, Rosa managed to get a wand of her own. But now they’re controlling each other, and it looks like they overdid it…

Trade Offer

Looks like Eilisha has a proposition for you. I strongly suggest you accept it. It’s a real bargain.

Access Denied

Keeping your slaves in check is made easy thanks to their implant’s Permission Settings!

Zoé’s Groceries

Meet Zoé, one of the brand new BL-300 Cyberlife Androids! The BL-300 is designed as the absolute perfect partner. Not only does she integrate the most recent...

Ember’s Upgrade

Brain implants are the most convenient way of controlling your slaves. Reliable, almost invisible, and compatible with everything. And even though software u...

Brainwash Break

SevenStars Incorporated takes good care of its employees, and especially their mind control fantasies!

Marinette’s Halloween Costume

Looks like Marinette is a bit late to tits-or-treating this year! Maybe because she liked being brainwashed and went for seconds? Might explain why she wasn’...

Playing at the restaurant

Don’t play with your food when you’re at a restaurant. Do like Eilisha: play with your eating partners!

Ember’s Favorite Underwear

Ember loves latex and only wears latex. She always wears latex. The more latex she wears the better. Even when she’s naked, she’s still wearing latex.

The Swirla pitcher

Clean both your drinking water and your mind with this one-of-a-kind filtration pitcher!

Love and Hypnosis

Love on its own is beautiful, but love with a bit of hypnotic spice is on a whole another level…

Sleeping lovers

Eilisha and her beloved wife Amélie, just sleeping together on a warm night.


SevenStars Incorporated is mindful of your health, and suggests a few ways to make sure your slaves will #StayAtHome