Zoé’s Groceries

Meet Zoé, one of the brand new BL-300 Cyberlife Androids! The BL-300 is designed as the absolute perfect partner. Not only does she integrate the most recent innovations from the WR and RK series, she is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between Cyberlife and SevenStars Incorporated.

Indeed, while Cyberlife’s expertise is all about imitating human life, SevenStar has brought its very flavor infusing the BL-300 model with a devotion and an eagerness to please that was never seen in any Cyberlife product. The BL-300 is designed for you, down to her very personality.

While Zoé and her owner are out doing groceries, it seems Zoé’s owner has other things in store for her. Indeed, Zoé has just recieved a summon command from her mistress, thanks to being compatible with SevenStars Smart Control like every BL-300.

And you, what will you do with your BL-300?