Access Denied

Dear Customers,

At SevenStars Incorporated, we know keeping your slaves in check can be cumbersome. Whether they purposefully try to taunt you and test the boundaries of your control, or simply don’t understand that you know what is best for them… They constantly try to step past the limits you set for them.

But we can give you the way to stop that! Thanks to the SevenStars Permission Settings, you have the power to enforce restrictions on what your slaves can and can’t do. Be it a punishment, a safety net, or simply a kinky game, you can forbid or allow any action, or even thought, for your controllees.

Your bratty sub refuses to fall to their knees? Remove their permission to stand! Your slave is a chatterbox but you’d rather have a quiet time? Remove their permission to speak! Your bimbo is starting to understand words longer than 2 syllables? Remove her permission to think! Your controlled dom prefers doing things themselves instead of giving you orders? Remove their permission to act! With SevenStars Permission Settings, everything becomes a privilege which you can revoke it as you see fit.

As you can see, my dear Ember can tell you, it is pretty effective at keeping a sub in line. Removing her permissions at unexpected, and sometimes, embarrassing moments, reminds her of how absolute my control is over her, thanks to her SlaveChip implant which comes pre-installed with Permission Settings. Every time I block her ability to do something, the frustration she feels mixes with the arousal and lust of her submissiveness and mind control fetish. And for me… Having that power, and seeing its effects, feels simply delightful. You should try!

Permission Settings are a standard functionality of the SevenStars SlaveChip, and can be added as an option to most of our SmartControl products.

Warmly yours,
Eilisha Shiraini
CEO of SevenStars Incorporated