Clone Prototypes

We will start our visit here, in the Clone Prototype Labs. Part of making good cloned slaves is testing. Testing, testing, testing. This is what prototypes are for, and this is what we are doing right here.

In the back, you can see our CEO Lady Shiraini, personally overseeing the mental copy operation of today’s donor, miss Skip. The process is very… pleasant, which is why the donors sometimes have some, hum, happy reactions. And it’s not unusual to see Lady Shiraini at work in here, since she enjoys the other side of the process.

During the prototype phase, the personality data is immediately imprinted in the clone slaves, using our most common processes. On your left, you can see an organic clone of miss Skip, whose brain is being overwritten by her implant with miss SKip’s original personality. This is why all our organic clone slaves already have a brain implant, we use it to imprint their personality. On the right now, I see some of you have already recognized a CL-Series Sonia the Sexbot, a “Clone Sonia”, built to resemble miss Skip herself. Since Sonias are synthetics, we can directly write their donor’s personality into their sentience processor, which is both faster and less error-prone than writing an organic brain.

This prototype phase isn’t always required, but we use it more and more in order to fine tune the personality templates to better fit the… unique usage we make of them. That’s espceially true when we use donors instead of building the template from scratch. I see some of you are really interested in what’s happening back there… Remember, SevenStars Incorporated is always looking for slave template donors. Stick with me and you will have a chance to apply after the visit.