Growing a Daisy

Animation Still version

Discover SevenStars’ Designer Slave Manufacturing Service!

Have you ever had a fantasy involving a fictional character? Don’t bother saying no, if you do I won’t believe you. But did you know that, whether this character exists in your Multiverse or not, SevenStars can help you turn your fantasy into reality? That’s right, our services aren’t limited to mind control sextoys, but also include mind-controlled sextoys!

Creating our most luxurious products, SevenStars’ Slave Manufacturing Service will provide you with the highest quality M-Type Slaves, faithfully reproducing both fictional and real characters, body and mind! Our Manufactured Slave Templates Catalog contains any character one might desire: entries of fictional are created by master genetic artists through careful analysis of the source material, while real ones directly come from a full body-brain scan of our volunteers. You just have to make your choice.

These base templates are of course fully customizable. Adjusting some colors to match your interior, making her taller or smaller… Maybe you’d like to apply Rule 63? Or add a nekomimi option? Anything is possible! The final DNA and mind imprint can be modified to your whim, and the result previewed in our Slave Simulation System. Once your future slave is exactly the way you want her, your order is transmitted to the manufacturing centers, where the magic happens.

After synthesizing your slave’s DNA and first egg-cell, our patented nanotech growth accelerators will get to work, and in just a few days the fœtus is ready for transfer to the final growth container. Nurtured through an artificial umbilical cord, and protected by her growth liquid, it takes no more than a month to reach a fully adult state. At this point, the slave’s body is ready, and only the mind remains to be made. The growth accelerators also ensure perfect blankness of the slave’s brain, allowing the imprinting stage to happen as smoothly as possible.

Now, this growth tank contains a freshly grown Princess Daisy slave. As you know, there is only one Princess Daisy: how can you expect her to fulfill the fantasies of every pervert in the universe, on her own? But thanks to SevenStars, our favorite Princess has turned wet dreams into reality for billions of people throughout the Multiverse!

All that remains now for this Daisy, or as her only name is right now, “Slave M-5FDC60DD”, is to write her new mind, knowledge, and identity, in her blank and pliable brain. But that is another process entirely, which you will discover very soon… along with all the possibilities offered by our patented Brain Implants for Slaves! You thought you could change her body however you want, just wait until you see what we have to offer for her mind.

Meanwhile, my friends, enjoy your slaves, enjoy yourselves!

Warmly yours
Eilisha Shiraini
CEO of SevenStars Incorporated

A concept I’ve wanted to illustrate for a long time, how SevenStars creates custom-made slaves for whoever wants one. This pic was inspired by another animation by OnModel3D, and there will be sequels too!