Ember’s Sonia CL-Series

Dear Customers,

The customization options of our Sonia sexbots have always been able to offer a wide variety. Sonia is your lover, your wife, your slave or your mistress, always for your best satisfaction. But now, behold as new world of possibilities opens up to you.

With the new Sonia CL-Series, the “Clone” Sonia, you will be able to tweak not only her mind, but her body as well. Take your pick from our endless catalog of Manufactured Slave templates, or bring a friend to be the model! And of course, no matter what your Sonia looks like, she will still have all the functionalities you’d expect from a Sonia, including all the usual personality presets (such as Lover, Wife, Maid, Pet, Teacher…) and the absolute compliance and dedication to her owner, which has been the pride of every Sonia ever produced.

Ember, always a lover of selfcest, has decided to be the model for her own CL-Series Sonia. As you can see, these two are litteral lookalikes - save for the Sonia’s trademark antenna, of course. The personnality and behavior of your CL-Series Sonia is, as always, completely adjustable, and it seems Ember has decided her Sonia needed some “corrective updates”.

What will your Sonia look like? What will she be? Who will she be? Make your decision and get your Sonia now!

Warmly yours,
Eilisha Shiraini
CEO of SevenStars Incorporated

Personality cloning not included by default. Models must be willing. Custom models may be added to SevenStars’s catalog in exchange for a discount. For exact conditions, contact your local SevenStars sales office.

So yep, Ember has a selfcest fetish. And thanks to the talented Zorro-Zero, she is now shamelessly displaying it for your enjoyment!