Ember’s Upgrade

Brain implants are the most convenient way of controlling your slaves. Reliable, almost invisible, and compatible with everything. And even though software updates require shutting down your slave’s mind… honestly, is it really that bad?

Ember’s implant is rather special. Mostly because it was the first control implant ever created by SevenStars, and you can tell it’s an old model because the connector is behind her neck (as opposed to behind the right ear on more recent devices). Like every standard SevenStars SlaveChip implants, Ember’s one has two main features: allowing Eilisha to control her, and allowing Ember to control her own slaves nearly telepathically. But it has an additional feature, one that Ember uses both in her job as head of R&D and in her private life for… recreational purposes. It is able to counteract most (if not all) forms of mind control, allowing her to fall victim to anything and anyone’s hypnotic influence knowing that in the end, only her rightful owner will have permanent control over her.

This was a Patreon reward, from DinaM. More of them over at her Patreon!