The Swirla pitcher

The average mind is always filled up with overwhelming thoughts, delusions of free will, and polluting ideas of independance. They keep your mind busy and prevent you from reaching the true blank and blissful happiness that any good submissive deserves.

But fear not! We at SevenStars Incorporated have developped the ideal solution for you and your fellow slaves to get rid of these thoughts while staying healthily hydrated at the same time. Introducing… the Swirla Mind Filtration Pitcher!

By simply filling the Swirla Mind Filtration Picther with regular tap water, it will produce the purest water you’ve ever tasted, so pure in fact that this cleanliness will reach your very brain and mind. A single glass of this water will purge your mind from all those pesky thoughts, leaving you blank and blissful as you are supposed to be.

Our patented Brain Filter System will remove any thought, any idea, no matter how small it is, from your little brain. Enjoy the happiness that only a truly empty mind can offer, at the same time as you enjoy the fine taste of the world’s healthiest drink.

Buy yours today, or have your owner buy it for you!

This is a silly idea I had after compulsively buying a (regular) filtering pitcher, and of course I had to commission Dina to draw it ^^