Breaking in the new girl

At SevenStars Incorporated, we strive to ensure all our employees feel right at home from day one. Friendliness and a good atmosphere are an obvious must, just as well as helpfulness. Take Miss Crimson for instance, freshly arrived after being co-opted by her younger sister Jaclyn, one of our senior security officers. She is already well started in our welcoming tour, where we break the ice between our newest recruits and our senior collaborators.

As you can see this program is bearing its fruits, Crimson has already decided to experience our Business-and-Pleasure Workplace Control program, and has had quite a lot of mileage on it. She is wearing a few control receivers, allowing other participants to freely toy with her and help her integrate further through our shared passion for mind control. Only as far as her own limits will allow, of course. It seems like someone even made her forget about being controlled, leading to fun and friendly shenanigans.

The possibility that people are just messing with her has quickly been discarded by HR.

A really awesome Patreon reward from DinaM, featuring the equally awesome Jaclyn and Crimson, who were both kind enough to let me use their OCs in it.