Maids and their Purpose

A proper Maid has three pruposes: thaking care of her Master’s housework, taking care of her Master, and protecting her Master and their posessions. As they activate, Maid Marinette, Maid Samantha and Maid Blaze all have their puspose already decided by their Master, or in this case their Mistress. They load the required programs from their PerfectMaid Headband, before heading to their designed location. Maid Marinette will head to the kitchens, where her PerfectMaid Headband will place her under the control of the Head Maid, Allyssonne. Maid Blaze will start patrolling outside her Mistress Eilisha’s mansion. As for Maid Samantha, she will hurry to Eilisha’s side and obey her every whim, the PerfectMaid Headband allowing Eilisha to control her Maids through a convenient smartphone or tablet app.