Brainwash Break

Dear collaborators,

As you know we have always been at the peak of innovation in terms of recreative mind control. Innovations of both technological and cultural aspects. And this, is only thanks to you, your hard work, and your passion of controlling and being controlled.

I can only encourage such passions, especially expressing them as part of our work. We already are pioneers in terms of workplace mind control, allowing our submissive employees to submit to all levels of brainwashing and hypnosis for the benefit or our more dominant collaborators. From a simple loyalty boost, to becoming a literal office drone, we have infinite options available for you.

Taking one step further in allowing everyday workplace brainwashing, we have improved our employee break rooms with new brainwashing stations, allowing you to get a quick refresher during your break! Thanks to their autonomous low-profile brain transducer, these stations can easily be self-operated, and feature a personal locking mechanism to prevent physical harm. You are free to use them at any time (provided you follow the safety recommendations of course).

Enjoy a good break of blank mind in the middle of a boring day, to clear your brain of all mental exhaustion and remove any distraction. And maybe, get some additional programming courtesy of your chosen controller! That’s right, these break spots are also for dominant employees, who may chose to inject some suggestions into the brains of their subordinates.

And remember, you are always free to bring your own control toys to work!

Your imagination and your fantasies are the life force of our company. It is only by combining business with pleasure in our very unique way that we will be able to achieve even greater success in the future.

Warmly yours,
Eilisha Shiraini
CEO of SevenStars Incorporated

Reminder: As per Regulatory Law #83654-17B workplace mind control is Class D at most and entirely optional. Please refer to your manager for additional informations and orders to follow.

It’s been a while since I took a proper commission from Dina, and I must say, the result is even better than expected!