Body Control

Taking a walk

How in the world did Marinette manage to end up like this? Naked, outside in public, and unable to turn around… Stay tuned to find out!

Upgrading her Toy

Looks like Daisy wants to give Rosa a few upgrades before playing with her. The Mother of the Stars didn’t complain for long, and I’m sure she will enjoy the...

Ember tests the Null Drone Suit

Wait, Ember is wearing a color that is not red??? There is only one thing that can make her switch from her trademark red: the prospect of testing a new mind...

Mutual Hypnomasturbation

After being used as Daisy’s living dildo, Rosa managed to get a wand of her own. But now they’re controlling each other, and it looks like they overdid it…

Planetary Penetration

Naughty Daisy stole Rosa’s magic wand… and now she turned its former owner into a mindless puppet, a toy for her enjoyment.

Maddy’s New Job

Maddy has found a new job, as Ember’s lab assistant. But even with the most foolproof programs to move her around, she still manages to slip and break stuff.