Princess Daisy

Another Daisy

What’s better than one Princess Daisy? Two Princesses Daisy, of course! But when you don’t have a Clone Cherry at hand, you gotta improvise. Like when Daisy ...

A Gift of Love

Rosalina has a special gift for her special girl. A simple yet unique gift: herself. To give her whole self, her body, her soul, to her loved one, is the ult...

Balcony Romance

When Daisy isn’t using Rosalina as her toy, she’s just the sweetest lover. And a lover worth having, as Rosa can confirm… Now, after this lovely shout-out to...

Upgrading her Toy

Looks like Daisy wants to give Rosa a few upgrades before playing with her. The Mother of the Stars didn’t complain for long, and I’m sure she will enjoy the...

Princess Daisy Enjoyers

Two Daisy Enjoyers, each with their own robot version of her. While Techno prefers having the original one programmed to act like a robot, Eilisha goes all t...

Mutual Hypnomasturbation

After being used as Daisy’s living dildo, Rosa managed to get a wand of her own. But now they’re controlling each other, and it looks like they overdid it…

Planetary Penetration

Naughty Daisy stole Rosa’s magic wand… and now she turned its former owner into a mindless puppet, a toy for her enjoyment.

Daisy’s workout

Looks like Daisy has been talked into changing her morning routine… Or rather, she’s been hypnotized into upgrading it. But she’s left her video call on?

Growing a Daisy

There is only one Princess Daisy… But to serve your every fantasy, SevenStars Incorporated can create your very own, perfect Princess!

Daisy in Distress

Daisy thinks she can escape her fate as a Damsel in Distress. Not very likely.