Marinette at work

A fine example of how workplace mind control can help improve an employee’s performance!

By removing all perturbating thoughts (in other words, all thoughts) from her head, our lead product designer Marinette Agreste is now able to dedicate her entire brainpower to her assigned task, that is, creating the appearance of your next favorite brainwashing toy. It comes with the added advantage of having all the details of her task directly poured into her empty brain, reducing the time lost reading specifications and working out ambiguitites. Not to mention the complete absence of mental fatigue!

From time to time, as she finishes the last task of her queue, the system will release her and allow her to wake up from her mindless state. As her awareness and memories slowly return, she will slowly notice the thing she just sketched, wondering where she is and why she was drawing. Then as her memories come back, she remembers she is at work, brainwashed into endlessly designing new fetish items. And just when she realizes that, her control system recieves a new task and turns back on, flushing all those toughts from her brain. Leaving only the details of her specific job in her mind, putting her creativity and design skills to forced labor because she literally can’t think of anything else.

The specific control device Marinette is wearing is a more advanced version of the one our employees can use in our brainwashing break spots. And both are available in our Business Control Catalog, make sure to check it out if you are insteresting in improving the productivity of your own employees.