Sonia the Sexbot: Introducing the Nurse Series

To all of you cute nurse enjoyers. To all of you medfet patients. And of course, to all my fellow android lovers.

It has been long overdue. Some of you may have wished for it, ad the others probably had no idea they wanted it. But it is there.

Introducing… Sonia the Sexbot: Nurse Series!

From simple but efficient medication for loneliness, to an actual and skilled medical caretaker, this new model will get you covered. Become her patient, and benefit from her sweet comfort and undivided attetion… or should you choose to be a troublesome one, she will not hesitate to use her built-in hypnotic eyes and mild sedatives to keep you in line. Become her managing doctor, and she will show you how just much she loves being at your service. Become a fellow nurse, and she will show you the perks of being her “employee of the month”… unless you want to be her perk, of course.

Yes my friends, as always, the only limit with your Sonia is your imagination.

The standard features for this new Nurse Series are our famous HypnoEyes that you all love, and a brand new and exclusive mild sedative synthesizer. Those two are specifically targeted at those who are… let’s say, troublesome patients, but are also certified for use in a very real medical context. Of course, as always they require her owner’s explicit permission to be activated.

In terms of personality, obviously we have created a special Nurse personality pack, which will be her default. She will also come preinstalled with the Maid pack to relieve her patients from the need of doing housechores, the Slave pack will make sure she behaves like the good nurse she is while the Mistress pack will help her make you behave, and last but not least the Lover pack will let you live your dream nurse fantasy.

We have also developped, in cooperation with actual health professionals, a brand new Medical skill pack which will be installed in all Nurse Sonia units. Along with it, the Parenting pack for both actual parents and big babies is a must. Of course, she will have the basic Sex, Romance, Submission and Dominance skills that are standard in nearly all Sonia models. And last, Command Words pack will be included too since a good nurse must be able to respond to orders instantly and without thinking.

Find out more and meet yours today, at your local SevenStore or any fembot retail store!

Warmly yours
Eilisha Shiraini
CEO of SevenStars Incorporated