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This is the place where I'll put all my smut collection, it can be anything like art I commission, stories I write, refs and backtory for my characters...

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Taking care of unruly pets

Pets can be such a bother sometimes… They try to disobey, to run away, or even to speak or act like humans. Such behavior needs drastic measures to be preven...

Dolled Up & Boxed Up

Marinette and Adrien are all wrapped up and ready for Christmas! They sure will make someone very happy, but they may end up a bit too busy sot save Paris fr...

Taking a walk

How in the world did Marinette manage to end up like this? Naked, outside in public, and unable to turn around… Stay tuned to find out!

Jiangshi Marinette

Poor Marinette… Always ends-up hypnotized when she puts on a disguise. Well, maybe she’d fare better if she stopped dressing up as a mind-controlled zombie i...

Twizzy Witchy

Twizzy the Android, Zoé’s little sister, was donning a witch costume for Halloween… What will she be up to for Christmas?


No matter what happens, nothing can stop them from being together, and loving each other.