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This is the place where I'll put all my smut collection, it can be anything like art I commission, stories I write, refs and backtory for my characters...

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Fembot Ember: Booting

Having been offered to try SuperTechno’s Fembot-ification helmet, obviously Ember had to try it out. She’s prepared a thorough testing plan, but it seems lik...

Brewing Witch Mélusine

What may this beautiful witch be brewing? You’ll probably find out if you keep watching… Just make sure she doesn’t notice you!

Sonia the Merbot

For the summer season, discover this new upgrade for your Sonia: the Merbot Tail! At the beach or at the pool, the Merbot Tail is the best way to live your a...

Buoy Beauty Louise

Meet Louise, a member of the “Buoy Beauty” line of living pool toys by SevenStars.Looks like she found a good spot, letting the slow waves quietly rock her a...

Poolside Zoé

A pool party is just one more occasion for Zoé to have fun with her owner! She doesn’t have much experience as a poolside toy, but being an excellent toy in ...

Marinette at work

A fine example of how workplace mind control can help improve an employee’s performance!

Anno’s Promotion

At SevenStars Incorporated, we make sure our employees find fulfillment in their career. There is always a way to get promoted to a new position.

Helpful Alya

When Marinette wants to have her little subby brain forcefully mashed and rewritten, Alya is always there to help. SHe won’t hesitate to break out the big to...

Zoé Waiting

Zoé is waiting for you… Well, what are you waiting for?

Christmas Mishaps

Zoé got a bit clumsy putting up Christmas decoration… But I’m pretty sure she did it on purpose though.