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This is the place where I'll put all my smut collection, it can be anything like art I commission, stories I write, refs and backtory for my characters...

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Office Drones at SevenStars

At SevenStars Incorporated, we take great care of our employees. And we take the term “Office Drone” quite literally.

Maribot Activated

Superhero by night… obedient robot by day. This is how Marinette lets off some steam after a busy day saving the world. After all, beating off bad guys while...

Access Denied

Keeping your slaves in check is made easy thanks to their implant’s Permission Settings!

Zoé’s Groceries

Meet Zoé, one of the brand new BL-300 Cyberlife Androids! The BL-300 is designed as the absolute perfect partner. Not only does she integrate the most recent...

Planetary Penetration

Naughty Daisy stole Rosa’s magic wand… and now she turned its former owner into a mindless puppet, a toy for her enjoyment.

Sonia for Sale

Sonia the Sexbot is the most widespread fembot brand, and Sonia units are sold in most if not all fembot retail stores. And she is such a good robot, that ev...

Marinette’s Secret

Looks like Marinette is hiding something! It’s a secret she doesn’t mind sharing…

Marinette’s Vibrator

Marinette wearing a not-so-discreet Discreet Vibrator, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of December 2020.