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This is the place where I'll put all my smut collection, it can be anything like art I commission, stories I write, refs and backtory for my characters...

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All wrapped up

Looks like Daisy has finished playing with Rosa… She has wrapped up her beloved toy, all tight and locked, so she’ll stay safe and aroused without accidental...

Mindblow Spiral

Have a taste of Mindblow Spiral, the new hypntoic drink by SevenStars Incorporated! Once you drink it, you won’t be able to think about anything else!

Mutual Hypnomasturbation

After being used as Daisy’s living dildo, Rosa managed to get a wand of her own. But now they’re controlling each other, and it looks like they overdid it…

Maribot Deactivated

Don’t forget to recharge your robot after use! Maribot is no exception to the rule, since the “hardware” Marinette will get pretty exhausted after a good an ...

Dancing Athena

Athena doing some Poledancing, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of March 2021.

Sonia’s Spiral Eyes

Sonia the Sexbot hypnotizing you with her Spiral Eyes, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of April 2021.

Sonia the Bunny Mistress

She wants you to be a bunny too. Look into her eyes, look into her spirals. Let your thoughts hop around and out of your head. Good bunnies don’t think, and ...


Looks like Alya has become a sexy naughty demon! With you at her mercy, all you can do is pray for your salvation… or pray her so she gets naughtier!

Trade Offer

Looks like Eilisha has a proposition for you. I strongly suggest you accept it. It’s a real bargain.