Pony Driver Set

Dear customers,

I always love to combine business with pleasure, and it is our pride at SevenStars Incorporated to help you do the same!

Thus, we are happy to introduce: the Pony Driver set! The ultimate mind-control transportation toys.

The control devices worn by your slave will directly disable their mind and override it with complete ponyslave behavior. They will be able to perform a perfect pony march, or the fastest gallop, at a single command from you. As always, the way the control is applied is perfectly adjustable to fit your slaves’ and your own fetishes. We have observed the best results when the ponyslave is aware, and controlled by muscle memory manipulation, a feature only SevenStars can provide. Of course the good old blank mind always works, and if your slaves are anything like my Ember here, I can guarantee they will love it.

Now, for you, owner and driver, we have a variety of tools to send your instructions. My personal favorite is the remote control, to pilot your slave around like some simple RC car. But you will also find that your controlled pony is fully responsive to standard vocal orders, like a common horse, and if you equip her with reins she will obey their movements as well. And to take your kink up to eleven, may I recommend the ReinCons - at first sight a standard set of reins, but with two discreet handles equipped with all the controls present on the standard remote.

And to make fellow owners jealous, and their slaves envious, don’t forget the Parade function. It allows a team of up to twenty-four ponyslaves in various configurations to show off their bodies and skills. This feature is fully programmable, don’t hesitate to share your favourite Parade routines on your social media!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll have to increase Ember’s speed. The “march” mode sure is entertaining, but oh my is it slow.

Warmly yours,
Eilisha Shiraini
CEO of SevenStars Incorporated