Sonia FutaDick XXL

Main version Naked

When we say Sonia the Sexbot is available to satisfy anyone, we mean anyone. The FutaDick addon is one of the first we ever released, and has already helped countless woman-loving women (and men) get a good dicking from time to time. Fully adjustable thanks to the easy-to-use Control Remote, this addon already allows for your Sonia to fit into most of your fantasies, with the absolute perfect length and girth.

But what about your true size queens? You giantesses? Or those who just have a weird fetish? The current limit of 50cm clearly isn’t enough. And while we are still working on enlarging your Sonia as a whole, we can at least offer to enlarge her dick. That’s right, even further than she can go currently. This XXL FutaDick will allow your Sonia to utterly destroy even your loosest holes, ensuring your absolute satisfaction, at least if you are roughly human-sized.