Report on the Competition: Thrallworks

5 minute read

SevenStars needs to keep close tabs on their competition. This is a report about Thrallworks, a multiversial slave trading company.

We’re crossing multiverses with this “story”, refering to TDL’s Thrallworks multiverse. If you don’t know about Thrallworks, I highly recommend you to discover it on TDL’s Patreon.

Analyst: C-Slave J9PKKD8W (SevenStars Incorporated Market Analysis Department)
Target: Thrallworks
Impact on business: Minimal
Recommendations: Monitor closely

Target Description

Thrallworks is a company that makes slaves, specifically H-Types and M-Types. The latter is pretty common, but what makes them unique is their training methods. All their products are embedded with Class B implants in the brain, the navel, and most of the time the vagina as well. These implants allow for a wide range of body-control possibilities, such as simple paralysis, complex navigation or pleasure control.

But the functionality mostly used during their slave training is the limited mind control offered by the brain implant. It appears this implant is able to record a specific state of mind, and re-inject it in the slave’s brain on command, these commands usually being triggers phrases that match the desired mind state, like a simple Class D device. This is how Thrallworks slave trainers are able to gently steer their charges’ mind towards accepting to be a slave, rather than relying on full-on Class B mind control like we do for C-Type or M-Type slaves.

Because Thrallworks slaves are trained in Thrallworks’ own Multiverse, they have options that are illegal in here such as turning people into H-Type slaves and using Class B mind control on them. Thrallworks will use this training process even for M-Type slaves, which means their products are usually of high quality compared to most of the competition, especially on the market of H-Type slaves. Their slaves are luxury products (even those that are not explicitly marketed as their “Luxury” product range).

Personal thoughts

Honestly, the fact that Thrallworks can reach to another Multiverse scares the shit out of me. Crossing the Metaversial Barrier should be impossible, but they managed to do it, to a point where they make most of their sales outside of their own Multiverse! Reaching out to another Multiverse is not an incredibly huge feat, but doing so as repeatedly and consistently as Thrallworks is almost unheard of.

However, I seem to be the only one worrying that much about it. Even Lady Shiraini has bought one of their slaves, so I guess if our CEO herself decides to buy from the competition, they shouldn’t be much of a hazard? I don’t know, maybe I’m just not as casual as she is about cross-universe travel.

I’ve been able to meet Lady Shiraini’s Thrallworks slave, W-S15. And I must say, she is an awesome slave. Despite being a free person at first, she has completely accepted that she’s a slave now, and according to her she wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s kinda hard for me to hear something like this, because I too had my freedom taken against my will but unlike her I still want it back. I guess not everyone is cut for slavery, she told me she was already very submissive when she was free. But she’s been helping me a lot to be a better slave, and it was thanks to W-S15 that I was given back the right to talk at the first person, for good conduct.

Objectively, W-S15 is a very high quality product. When I was told she was an H-Type slave, I expected someone who was like me at that time, aggressively resisting her owner (especially since unlike me, she didn’t do anything to deserve being enslaved against her will). But she was completely obedient to her own mistress, extremely skilled, and overall very happy with her situation. I haven’t met a lot of Thrallworks slaves, but this high obedience, high skill level and high morale seems to be a constant in their products.

Impact on Business

Thrallworks’ only business is in luxury H-Type and M-Type slaves. SevenStars does not sell any H-Type slaves, and among the M-Type slaves we sell, about 90% are Sonias who don’t really count as a luxury (seriously, they get offended when called a “luxury product”). Besides, slaves only represent 17% of our annual sales, and since Thrallworks does not sell any mind control device (at least in our Multiverse) they does not pose any real threat to our business.

However, as I said earlier I remain wary of their ability to reach out to other Multiverses and as such I recommend monitoring them very closely, at least until we’re able to do the same.

Lastly, a lot of Thrallworks clients are also SevenStars clients, so we should ensure our products are compatible with the implants in Thrallworks slaves (where applicable of course, sadly you can’t use a control dildo on someone with a sealed vagina).