Upload Collar

Marinette is testing a mind upload collar… Although there’s not much Marinette left in there.

Marinette’s Pet Chip

Oh, it looks like Marinette got a new program in her favourite control chip! This one is sure to make her stay a good girl for as long as you want to play wi...

Maids and their Purpose

A proper Maid has three pruposes: thaking care of her Master’s housework, taking care of her Master, and protecting her Master and their posessions. As they ...

Upgrading her Toy

Looks like Daisy wants to give Rosa a few upgrades before playing with her. The Mother of the Stars didn’t complain for long, and I’m sure she will enjoy the...


Sometimes Marinette just wants to be a good subby girl.

Playing at the restaurant

Don’t play with your food when you’re at a restaurant. Do like Eilisha: play with your eating partners!

Graybot Research

SevenStars is recieving help from Jade the Graybot to develop a new series of mind-control sextoys.

Marinette’s New Mistress

It was one of “these” days. No matter what she did, Marinette couldn’t satiate her lust on her own. She needed someone to tell her, to order her to cum. To d...