Controlling Submissive

Redheads’ Relaxing Sleepover

Two crimefighting redheads decided to take a break, and do what they secretly love: being under the control of another, freed from the stress of having to ap...

Marinette’s Sonia Lesson

The Sonia Teacher Series comes with a special “Owner Training Program”, to make sur her owner will use her to the best of her abilities.

Diary of a WF-Series Sonia

18 minute read

Getting your first Sonia is always an interesting, intense, and especially, a fun expecrience. Let’s peek at the first few weeks of a new Sonia owner, from t...

Marinette’s New Mistress

It was one of “these” days. No matter what she did, Marinette couldn’t satiate her lust on her own. She needed someone to tell her, to order her to cum. To d...