Sonia For Sale

Fun Fact: Sonia the Sexbot units intended for retail have an unofficial competition about who will be bought the fastest. This Schoolgirl model seems to have...

Twizzy Witchy

Twizzy the Android, Zoé’s little sister, was donning a witch costume for Halloween… What will she be up to for Christmas?


No matter what happens, nothing can stop them from being together, and loving each other.

Balcony Romance

When Daisy isn’t using Rosalina as her toy, she’s just the sweetest lover. And a lover worth having, as Rosa can confirm… Now, after this lovely shout-out to...

Allyssonne the Head Maid

Allyssonne in her job as a Head Maid, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of January 2021.

Ember’s Office

Being invited in Ember’s office is a rare honor. Usually, she prefers to be in the labs to play with all the mind control tech (and “test subjects”) she hand...

Brewing Witch Mélusine

What may this beautiful witch be brewing? You’ll probably find out if you keep watching… Just make sure she doesn’t notice you!

Sonia the Merbot

For the summer season, discover this new upgrade for your Sonia: the Merbot Tail! At the beach or at the pool, the Merbot Tail is the best way to live your a...

Buoy Beauty Louise

Meet Louise, a member of the “Buoy Beauty” line of living pool toys by SevenStars.Looks like she found a good spot, letting the slow waves quietly rock her a...

Poolside Zoé

A pool party is just one more occasion for Zoé to have fun with her owner! She doesn’t have much experience as a poolside toy, but being an excellent toy in ...

Zoé Waiting

Zoé is waiting for you… Well, what are you waiting for?

Christmas Mishaps

Zoé got a bit clumsy putting up Christmas decoration… But I’m pretty sure she did it on purpose though.

All wrapped up

Looks like Daisy has finished playing with Rosa… She has wrapped up her beloved toy, all tight and locked, so she’ll stay safe and aroused without accidental...

Dancing Athena

Athena doing some Poledancing, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of March 2021.


Looks like Alya has become a sexy naughty demon! With you at her mercy, all you can do is pray for your salvation… or pray her so she gets naughtier!

Sonia for Sale

Sonia the Sexbot is the most widespread fembot brand, and Sonia units are sold in most if not all fembot retail stores. And she is such a good robot, that ev...

Marinette’s Secret

Looks like Marinette is hiding something! It’s a secret she doesn’t mind sharing…

Marinette’s Vibrator

Marinette wearing a not-so-discreet Discreet Vibrator, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of December 2020.


Sometimes Marinette just wants to be a good subby girl.

Miranda - Prostitute

Miranda as a Prostitute, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of September 2020.

Ember - Skirt bulge

Ember Rouge and the not-so-hidden surprise in her skirt, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of August 2020.

Ember’s Favorite Underwear

Ember loves latex and only wears latex. She always wears latex. The more latex she wears the better. Even when she’s naked, she’s still wearing latex.

Sonia the Pinup Sexbot

Any Sonia will always be happy to pose for pictures. And if it’s because her owner asked her, then all the better!


Love holds no truth nor strength, and time has come for the fight to begin. THIS. IS. WAR.

Miraculous Surrounded

Paris’s favourite superheroes need to relieve the stress from time to time… Thankfully they can always count on one another.

Daisy in Distress

Daisy thinks she can escape her fate as a Damsel in Distress. Not very likely.

Sleeping lovers

Eilisha and her beloved wife Amélie, just sleeping together on a warm night.

How to Restrain your Bellgirl

Sound is not only a Bellgirl’s best weapon, it’s her only weapon (notwithstanding conventional equipment). In order to protect yourself while storing your ca...

Ember Rouge - Chastity

Ember Rouge in a chastity cage, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of May 2020. Also, this is how I found out Kite will always draw his futas wit...

Bondage Hero Suits

In order to gain the upper hand against their arch-nemesis Hawk Moth, our favorite heroes have added a few improvements to their hero suits.

Ladybug - Bondage

Ladybug in Bondage, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of February 2020.