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This is the place where I'll put all my smut collection, it can be anything like art I commission, stories I write, refs and backtory for my characters...

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Graybot Research

SevenStars is recieving help from Jade the Graybot to develop a new series of mind-control sextoys.

Pet Play Session

Ember took Marinette to a very special place where a hypnotist make private hypnosis shows.

Bondage Hero Suits

In order to gain the upper hand against their arch-nemesis Hawk Moth, our favorite heroes have added a few improvements to their hero suits.

Belly-Dancer Marinette

“Par Osiris et par Apis, regarde-moi, regarde-moi bien… Tu es maintenant une danseuse, oui, une danseuse. Par Osiris et par Apis, une danseuse…”

Sonia Quality Testing

Every consumer good needs to be tested before being sold, and the mass-produced sexbots made by SevenStars Inc. are no exception.


In France, we don’t have Easter Bunnies bringing their eggy goodness, instead easter eggs are brought by Easter Bells. And I realised there are Bunnygirls, b...

Pony Driver Set

The Pony Driver Set, the ultimate mind-control transportation toys, the best way to combine business with pleasure

Marinette’s New Mistress

It was one of “these” days. No matter what she did, Marinette couldn’t satiate her lust on her own. She needed someone to tell her, to order her to cum. To d...