Eilisha Shiraini

Russian Blue’s special slave training

In a world with mind control well-developed, commonly used, and readily available, it becomes the obvious solution when it comes to handling criminals. As pa...

Clone Prototypes

Join the guided tour of SevenStars’ Clone Slave Factories… The visit start with the Prototype Labs, where Skip’s mind is being copied into two clones.

Taking care of unruly pets

Pets can be such a bother sometimes… They try to disobey, to run away, or even to speak or act like humans. Such behavior needs drastic measures to be preven...


No matter what happens, nothing can stop them from being together, and loving each other.

Princess Daisy Enjoyers

Two Daisy Enjoyers, each with their own robot version of her. While Techno prefers having the original one programmed to act like a robot, Eilisha goes all t...

Fembot Ember: Returning

It’s important to show gratitude! And giving Techno his very own Ember clone is a very good way to thank him for letting Ember and Eilisha study his Fembot H...

Anno’s Promotion

At SevenStars Incorporated, we make sure our employees find fulfillment in their career. There is always a way to get promoted to a new position.

Mindblow Spiral

Have a taste of Mindblow Spiral, the new hypntoic drink by SevenStars Incorporated! Once you drink it, you won’t be able to think about anything else!

Trade Offer

Looks like Eilisha has a proposition for you. I strongly suggest you accept it. It’s a real bargain.

Access Denied

Keeping your slaves in check is made easy thanks to their implant’s Permission Settings!

Ember’s Upgrade

Brain implants are the most convenient way of controlling your slaves. Reliable, almost invisible, and compatible with everything. And even though software u...

Playing at the restaurant

Don’t play with your food when you’re at a restaurant. Do like Eilisha: play with your eating partners!

Research and Improvement

Constant research and improvement. This is how SevenStars Incorporated managed to become the number one reference in terms of recreational mind control.

Eilisha’s Fembot Harem

Eilisha is having some fun with a few SuperTechno Fembot Headphones… and her slaves and lovers she convinced to wear them!

My little puppet

Your body is out of control… Moving only when I pull its strings… Feel how your body pleasures you, only because I control it… Because I control you… Don’t ...


Love holds no truth nor strength, and time has come for the fight to begin. THIS. IS. WAR.

Miraculous Surrounded

Paris’s favourite superheroes need to relieve the stress from time to time… Thankfully they can always count on one another.

Love and Hypnosis

Love on its own is beautiful, but love with a bit of hypnotic spice is on a whole another level…

Dominatrix Eilisha

Eilisha always likes playing with her toys, and it’s a good thing her toys like being played with!

Sleeping lovers

Eilisha and her beloved wife Amélie, just sleeping together on a warm night.

Graybot Research

SevenStars is recieving help from Jade the Graybot to develop a new series of mind-control sextoys.

Pony Driver Set

The Pony Driver Set, the ultimate mind-control transportation toys, the best way to combine business with pleasure

Live-Action Gaming

Eilisha and Ember are testing a new gaming system prototype, and they have invited two friends to help them…

Love Triggers

Eilisha and her lovely wife Amélie, alone together for some loving fun