Marinette Dupain-Cheng


SevenStars presents… their take on a toy that made most of our childhoods brighter, the Tamagotchi! And as expected, we gave it our special, entrancing touch...


Marinette is in kind of a predicament… Seems getting droned wasn’t part of her plans. Thankfully her new Ladydrone OS will allow her to carry her superheroin...

Good Girls Sleep

Marinette doesn’t have sleep issues. And when she does? All she needs is to be reminded that she is a good girl, and good girls have good sleep.

Marinette Parasited

Oh no! Looks like Marinette has been turned into a futanari and infected by a dick-dwelling parasite! But truth be told, I don’t think she minds being a broo...

A Miraculous Halloween

Something’s up this Halloween… Looks like trick-or-treaters became what they were disguised as! Subby Witch Marinette has bewitched Lilopatra into being her ...

Upload Collar

Marinette is testing a mind upload collar… Although there’s not much Marinette left in there.

IBEX LuxuryLass Marinette

Interdimensional Body EXpropriation LLC and SevenStars Incorporated are proud to present you the result of their latest and exclusive collaboration! The Lux...

Marinette’s Pet Chip

Oh, it looks like Marinette got a new program in her favourite control chip! This one is sure to make her stay a good girl for as long as you want to play wi...

Russian Blue’s special slave training

In a world with mind control well-developed, commonly used, and readily available, it becomes the obvious solution when it comes to handling criminals. As pa...

Fembot Marinette’s Fembot Mistress

No two Fembots are created equal… If two girls who are dom and sub in everyday life are turned into fembots, it’s likely this hierarchy will persist, althoug...

Maids and their Purpose

A proper Maid has three pruposes: thaking care of her Master’s housework, taking care of her Master, and protecting her Master and their posessions. As they ...

Taking care of unruly pets

Pets can be such a bother sometimes… They try to disobey, to run away, or even to speak or act like humans. Such behavior needs drastic measures to be preven...

Dolled Up & Boxed Up

Marinette and Adrien are all wrapped up and ready for Christmas! They sure will make someone very happy, but they may end up a bit too busy sot save Paris fr...

Taking a walk

How in the world did Marinette manage to end up like this? Naked, outside in public, and unable to turn around… Stay tuned to find out!

Jiangshi Marinette

Poor Marinette… Always ends-up hypnotized when she puts on a disguise. Well, maybe she’d fare better if she stopped dressing up as a mind-controlled zombie i...

Marinette is Hypnotized

Such a good girl… Not only will she gladly put on hypnotic goggles and drop deep in a mindless trance, she even has the thoughtfulness to indicate her hypnot...

Marinette at work

A fine example of how workplace mind control can help improve an employee’s performance!

Helpful Alya

When Marinette wants to have her little subby brain forcefully mashed and rewritten, Alya is always there to help. SHe won’t hesitate to break out the big to...

Maribot Deactivated

Don’t forget to recharge your robot after use! Maribot is no exception to the rule, since the “hardware” Marinette will get pretty exhausted after a good an ...

Sonia the Bunny Mistress

She wants you to be a bunny too. Look into her eyes, look into her spirals. Let your thoughts hop around and out of your head. Good bunnies don’t think, and ...

Maribot Activated

Superhero by night… obedient robot by day. This is how Marinette lets off some steam after a busy day saving the world. After all, beating off bad guys while...

Marinette’s Secret

Looks like Marinette is hiding something! It’s a secret she doesn’t mind sharing…

Marinette’s Vibrator

Marinette wearing a not-so-discreet Discreet Vibrator, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of December 2020.


Sometimes Marinette just wants to be a good subby girl.

Brainwash Break

SevenStars Incorporated takes good care of its employees, and especially their mind control fantasies!

Sonia’s Masturbation class

What happens when you let a sex-crazed and rather dominant sexbot in a college full of hypnotically submissive girls? Well, pretty much this.

Marinette’s Halloween Costume

Looks like Marinette is a bit late to tits-or-treating this year! Maybe because she liked being brainwashed and went for seconds? Might explain why she wasn’...

Maids at work

Allyssonne, the new head maid, decides to make actual use of Marinette’s love of being a maid.

Maidbot Marinette

How to best use your Marinette slave? Well, by turning her into a remote-contrlled maid robot of course!

Eilisha’s Fembot Harem

Eilisha is having some fun with a few SuperTechno Fembot Headphones… and her slaves and lovers she convinced to wear them!

Fembot Marinette

Marinette has become a brand new Fembot, ready to serve and please her owner!

The Swirla pitcher

Clean both your drinking water and your mind with this one-of-a-kind filtration pitcher!

Miraculous Surrounded

Paris’s favourite superheroes need to relieve the stress from time to time… Thankfully they can always count on one another.

Problem solved

Alya finally found a foolproof way to get these two to confess their love for each other.

Dominatrix Eilisha

Eilisha always likes playing with her toys, and it’s a good thing her toys like being played with!

Marinette’s Sonia Lesson

The Sonia Teacher Series comes with a special “Owner Training Program”, to make sur her owner will use her to the best of her abilities.

Pet Caught!

Finally the good girl Ember has caught the bad kitty! Ember has brought kitty Marinette back to her Mistress, so that wild cat can get some taming and become...

Pet Play Session

Ember took Marinette to a very special place where a hypnotist make private hypnosis shows.

Bondage Hero Suits

In order to gain the upper hand against their arch-nemesis Hawk Moth, our favorite heroes have added a few improvements to their hero suits.

Belly-Dancer Marinette

“Par Osiris et par Apis, regarde-moi, regarde-moi bien… Tu es maintenant une danseuse, oui, une danseuse. Par Osiris et par Apis, une danseuse…”

Marinette’s New Mistress

It was one of “these” days. No matter what she did, Marinette couldn’t satiate her lust on her own. She needed someone to tell her, to order her to cum. To d...

Robot Marinette

The result of one of IDPet’s YCH events, with Marinette being reprogrammed into an obedient robot


SevenStars Incorporated is mindful of your health, and suggests a few ways to make sure your slaves will #StayAtHome

Ladybug - Bondage

Ladybug in Bondage, my request for The Kite’s Sunday Sketch Stream of February 2020.

Live-Action Gaming

Eilisha and Ember are testing a new gaming system prototype, and they have invited two friends to help them…